Colour DNA

These stained glass windows (2013) are a tribute to the major benefactors of the renovated Rijksmuseum. They sit opposite the original 1885 windows in the atrium which honour the founders and donors of that time.
View to the sea in Norfolk

A glimpse of the coast

One of the things that lifts my spirit in these strange days of social isolation is the beauty of nature.

I am lucky to live in a little hamlet of only 200 souls called Upper Sheringham near the North Norfolk coast. So I have a distant view of the sea on the horizon and wide open skies. So important in these lock-down days.
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The greedy visitors

Meet ‘Chicken Little’ who with a sister ‘Chicken Large’ have in the last few days adopted our front yard as their second home.

They are owned by our new neighbours across the lane but have proven to be inventive escapologists…
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Flowering Rhubarb in the Garden

If you eat Rhubarb but haven't grown it, you may not have seen its inflorescence.

Since rhubarb is grown for the stems, most gardeners choose to remove the flowers as soon as they appear so the plant can focus its energy on leaf growth rather than on producing seeds.
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