Online Fundementals


First Steps
this covers materials, set-up and an introduction to all botanical painting techniques from watercolour washes to

introduces a simple system for colour mixing which gives proven results.

Take each 'Fundemental' course as a stand-alone or in sequence.

The tuition is well-structured and video rich. There are no assignments to submit.

mixing cream paint

Online Shorts


• Leafy Character (6 Months)

• Delicate Whites (2 Months)

• Botanical Textures (2 Months)

• Rich & Vibrant Darks (2 Months)

• Graphite with Impact (2 Months)

• Composition Matters (2 Months)

Get access to web hosted videos and well-structured earning materials. Consolidate your self-paced learning with exercises and assignments. No submission for feedback.

Think of them as 'Masterclasses' in the comfort of your own home.

Student feedback

'The three online courses which I am taking now are really helpful. I am very happy because your explanation is very logical and clear to understand and includes the points what I want to really know.

I am looking forward to taking 'Darks’ course.’

AU, Tokyo, Japan
August 2020

How is tuition structured?

Each course features short streamed videos. The number and length of videos vary with each course. You cannot download the videos but can watch them repeatably during the course.

Instruction is often illustrated by photos, diagrams and step-by-step examples of my art to explain concepts and procesess.

Exercises are designed so that you can try out techniques and approaches.

Each course has at least one final assignment (textures has 4) to bring together everything you have learnt. Full support by email is provided.

PLEASE NOTE No assignments are submitted nor feedback given in writing (this was a feature of the PRO level at a higher price nowd iscontinued.)

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How do I enrol?

1. Decide on your course

2. Pay the fee via the Paypal button on each page.

3. Once funds are cleared your enrolment is confirmed by email. You will receive personal login details giving you access to the course website for its duration.

What are the student requirements?

  • A good understanding of English.
  • Beginner or beyond level skills in Botanical watercolour or drawing.
  • Access to a computer and a good internet connection.
  • The motivation to devote small regular periods to study and practice.

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